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Looking for info on how to grow veggies and fruit in the Pacific Northwest, or how to raise chickens for food, we have you covered. We have an impressive selection of reference materials to choose from and experts on staff to answer questions. Books and magazines from our Reference Library can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time!

We cover everything from all aspects of livestock rearing, to organic gardening, orcharding, farming, dairying, seed saving and the importance of local seed stock, Permaculture, food-rights issues, urban homesteading, self-sufficiency, rain-gardens, the politics of food, community based food-systems and economics, food preservation techniques of all sorts, butchering, humane organic small-scale livestock rearing, grain production, cooking, baking, woodlot management, mushroom farming and so much more!

We offer over 50 classes per year on a wide variety of topics to meet our goal of providing the best possible resources for folks to get started growing and producing their own food.

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Olympia Seed Exchange : Our Local Seed Library!

We now have an entire room devoted to books we sell on all subjects related to homesteading, organic gardening, animal husbandry, permaculture, and more! We also have a reference section to help you with your research on-site. Plus coffee and tea for you to enjoy while you research and peruse the books. Spring and Summer we have an info desk

manned by staff to help answer any questions and help with whatever subject you need research and assistance with!



We also host the Olympia Seed Exchange, our local seed bank. Come by and check out seeds, grow your veggies, and bring back the next generation of seeds to share with others! The seeds are free! We are tracking locally adapted varieties to insure excellent varieties for all!




Finally, we offer food preservation equipment to rent/check out. We have an apple press, smoker, dehydrating units, canners, vacuum sealers, sausage grinders and more!

Find out more details in store!

NEW!!! the BOOK NOOK!!

Food Processing Equipment