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Special Hours til further notice:

Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm Sunday: 12-5pm


We also carry bedding shavings, feeders, waterers, and more with new items arriving.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll special order it for you!

What you feed your livestock matters. Choose high quality feed ingredients to maintain a healthy livestock. Eastside Urban Farm & Garden offers several lines of great livestock feeds. From 100% organic, GMO-free, pacific NW milled grains to high quality conventional feeds and bulk grains, we offer a variety of products so you can get exactly what you need for every animal on the farm.  Want to grow your own grain or hay? We can provide quality seed at a reasonable price.

We also carry many veterinary supplies, including nutritional supplements, minerals, vaccines, pest control products, and lots more!

Get the best feed for your livestock

 •  Payback Feeds

 •  Scratch 'n' Peck Organic Feeds

 •  Equis horse feed

 • Modesto Milling Organic Feeds

High quality feed at the best prices

We encourage you to come in and compare our feed to what you’re currently using. We offer great prices on high quality, Pacific NW feeds formulated for our soils and foraging conditions, and we can help you choose the right feed for your livestock. We are always ready to help with any questions, and have an experienced staff with many years of livestock-rearing behind them.

Feed brands and choices include

 •  Mealworms, grubs

 •  Local grass hay

 •  Timothy hay

 •  Country Vet Naturals Grain-Fee Dog & Cat food

 •  Alfalfa hay

 •  Orchard grass hay

  • Bulk poultry grains scratch bar!

  • Straw, Shavings, Bedding


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