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Worried about fluctuating weather? We've got you covered! Polyfilm, row-covers, greenhouses- and more!

Providing everything you need to grow your own food is what we specialize in!  We have a great selection of soils, composts, tools, greenhouses, cover crops, greenhouse plastic, seeds, seed germinating equipment and tons more! Plus books on everything from basic veggie growing, to permaculture, farm planning, and how to rebuild the food shed locally and nationally.

Quality gardening products for beginners and seasoned gardeners

You can purchase any type of organic soil amendment you need for your garden by the pound, small box,  or by the 50lb bag in our store! This makes it possible for you to create any type of soil amendment blend necessary for your particular garden. We have over 40 amendments to choose from like Fish meal, Kelp meal, Seed meals, Azomite, Rock Dusts, and more!

Hundreds of plant and vegetable options

We offer fruit and nut trees, berries, and vines, that are all specifically selected for Western Washington weather. We even have sturdy, quick set-up greenhouses and cold-frames to make year-round gardening easy!

The only bulk soil amendment department in the county



We do things a little differently here at Eastside Urban Farm & Garden, and we’ve taken a stand on seeds!

Our mission is to increase local food resiliency, and we have concerns over the loss of more than 70% of seed diversity over the last 50 years. Not only do folks have less variety in the flavors of foods because of limited seed stock, but more importantly, in the face of a fluctuating climate, folks now have less varieties to work with to try to adapt and grow food in rapidly changing conditions. Much of the loss of diversity has occurred due to the consolidation of the seed industry, which has led to most of the world’s food seeds being produced by only a handful of large corporations, who then patent their seeds, making it illegal for folks to save seeds. Not only that, but did you know that less than 5% of the food eaten in South Sound is produced here? We aim to turn that around, and we need your help!


In our effort to help rebuild our local food-shed,  and increase our local food resiliency, we have sought out what we believe to be the best available varieties of Organic seeds, many open-pollinated and heirloom varieties, from 5 seed companies and organizations that are helping to keep local seed varieties alive, and to keep seeds in the hands of people instead of corporations. We encourage you to learn how to save seeds (it’s easy!), and select your best adapted plants to save for seed year after year.  We encourage you to use the Oly Seed Bank (it’s here, in the store!) and to get involved in preserving our food, and our right to our agricultural heritage, and a secure food future.

Our Seed Producers…

Resilient Seeds

Resilient Seeds, owned and operated by Krista Rome, from Deming WA, offers seeds that contribute to a year-round local pantry and also offer good genetic diversity so that you can select and adapt resilient varieties for your own unique climate and conditions. Resilient Seeds was started in 2008 as a response to the challenge of incorporating locally-grown staple foods into the diet. In Krista’s words:

”Our main activity is to research varieties of dry legumes, grains, and seed crops that may grow well in our bioregion and run trials to determine their suitability for the small-scale grower. The trials are conducted on Certified-Organic farmland near Everson, Washington. All research is aimed at the small-scale, low-tech grower (including commercial farms that rely on hand labor for weeding and harvest), with a minimal use of fossil fuels and specialized equipment.

Our work is based on the premise that crop diversification is vital for the long-term sustainability of any local food system, and that staple foods such as beans and grains are a key component of a sustainable foodshed across the Pacific Northwest. We believe it is important to re-gain local knowledge that has been lost over the past century and to discover additional crops and varieties that are well-suited to our climate.  Our research is conducted for the benefit of all regional farmers and gardeners who wish to grow dry beans and grains. “


Adaptive Seeds & The Seeds Ambassadors Project:

The Seed Ambassadors Project began as a small group of Oregon-based seed stewards with the principal goal to increase the diversity of locally adapted varieties in our bioregion & disseminate this resource in order to further local food system durability worldwide. A few of us spent several winters traveling through Europe & Asia sharing seed, collecting varieties & teaching seed saving skills. So far we have collected over 800 varieties of food plants, most of which were not available in the US when we acquired them. Adaptive Seeds naturally evolved out of The Seed Ambassadors Project as we found ourselves seeking more ways for our seeds to reach people. We at The Seed Ambassadors Project see locally adapted varieties as the foundation of the durable & resilient local food system that we are helping to create. Adaptive Seeds was established in 2009 by Andrew Still & Sarah Kleeger. We are a farm-based seed company near Sweet Home, Oregon. We steward rare, diverse & resilient seed varieties for ecologically-minded farmers, gardeners & seed savers. We sell only public domain, open pollinated (OP) seed, as well as many diverse gene pool mixes.   NONE of our seeds are proprietary hybrids (F1), patented, PVP, or genetically modified (GMO). All of our seed is grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, and NONE of it is treated. We’ve been certified organic since 2013.   Most of our seed is produced by us on our farm and we never buy and re-sell mass produced seed, like many other seed companies do.  What isn’t produced by us is grown by our Pacific Northwest regional seed producer network.

Why Open Pollinated (OP) & Regional?  Hybrid seeds are beneficial mostly as monocrops. It seems the goal of the corporate produced hybrid is to sever the seed’s relationship to the natural world, & profit from a corrupt short-term economic model. We believe proprietary control schemes such as hybrids (F1), patenting, PVP, & trademarking are stifling resilient innovation & diversity. Proprietary hybrids are the single biggest contributor to the erosion of agricultural biodiversity regionally & worldwide. Open pollination encourages diversity & resilience. It is akin to open source. Unlike hybrids, open pollinated varieties become adapted to the area in which they are grown & have been shown to outperform imported seed. If we are to approach true food freedom, it must rest on a foundation of open pollination.



Mission Statement:   Our purpose is to improve people's self-sufficiency and independence by enabling gardeners to produce an abundance of good tasting, fresh from the garden food, twelve months a year.

Long time PNW standby, Territorial Seed Company is a privately held family owned company, owned by Tom and Julie Johns. Purchased in 1985 from its founder, the legendary Steve Solomon, Tom and Julie have grown the business substantially over the past 30 years but have never strayed far from the original course set by Steve.

Each year Territorial's research garden staff grows and evaluates thousands of varieties for best taste, Northwest hardiness, and good germination. More recently they began reclaiming older, favorite vegetable varieties sometimes shelved by their seed suppliers. Today they grow almost 20% of the seed they offer, especially lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash.


Currently they are excited about taking leadership in advising the evolution of organic agriculture from a movement into a mainstream market. There have 20 full-time and 25 seasonal employees locally, strategic alliances with universities and European plant breeders, and a zillion worms making compost and plant teas.  Territorial Seeds does not sell GMO seeds. The safety and quality of seeds is important to us and our customers, so we have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, and only work with companies and growers that have also taken the safe seed pledge.


“Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative,

We pledge that we do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds or plants.

The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political, and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities.”



WEST COAST SEEDS- A great, long running company focussing on organic seeds, from Vancouver BC. More info coming soon!


DEEP HARVEST SEEDS- A new small company based on Whidbey Island. More info coming soon!




We also operate the local seed bank, Oly Seed Exchange. Come by and register, then check out seeds to grow your veggies, and bring back the next generation of locally adapted seeds to share with others. We are tracking locally adapted varieties in order to create a reliable source for seed for all! Find out more in store!





(Subject to change)    

We focus on organic agriculture, so most of our amendments are certified organic.

Most bulk prices are per pound.


Name                                                    Price

Acid Mix (Blueberry/Azalea etc) - 1lb $4.00

Acid Mix DTE - 25lb $42.00

Acid Mix DTE - 50lb $71.00

Acid Mix DTE - 5lb $11.25

Alfalfa Meal Bulk $1.00

Alfalfa Meal OG - 0.5lb DTE $3.25

Alfalfa Meal OG - 40lb Conc $30.00

Alfalfa Meal OG - 5lb DTE $9.50

Alfalfa Pel OG Bulk $0.75

All Purpose Fertilizer Conc 5 5 3 - 25lb $43.00

All Purpose Fertilizer Conc 5 5 3 - 50lb $69.00

All Purpose Fertilizer Conc Bulk $3.00

All Purpose Fertilizer DTE - 1lb $4.25

All Purpose Fertilizer DTE - 25lb $38.50

All Purpose Fertilizer DTE - 50lb $65.00

All Purpose Fertilizer DTE - 5lb $10.50

All Purpose Fertilizer DTE - 6lb $10.50

All Purpose Liquid 1qt DTE $21.50

All Purpose Liquid 4 1 3 DTE 1 gal $64.50

Aluminum Sulfate Bulk $1.50

Azomite All Sizes - 1lb DTE $3.25

Azomite All Sizes - 44lb Conc $32.50

Azomite All Sizes - 50lb DTE $41.00

Azomite All Sizes - 5lb DTE $8.50

Azomite All Sizes - 6lb DTE $8.50

Azomite Bulk $0.75

Bark Mulch 2cu ft Carpinito Bros $7.75

Bark Mulk Filthy Rich 2cu ft $10.25

Basalt Rock Dust 50lb $34.50

Basalt Rock Dust Bulk $0.85

Bat Guano 10lb DTE 9 3 1 $38.00

Bat Guano 55lb $60.00

Bat Guano 9 3 1 DTE - 2lb $12.00

Bat Guano 9 3 1 DTE - 4oz $4.00

Beneficial Nematodes $32.00

Bentonite 50lbs $20.00

Bio Char 1cf $42.00

Bio Char Bulk $4.15

Bio Fish 7 7 2 DTE - 25lb $43.50

Bio Fish 7 7 2 DTE - 5lb $12.00

Bio LIve 5 4 2 DTE - 25lb $56.00

Bio LIve 5 4 2 DTE - 5lb $15.00

Bio Turf 8 3 5 DTE - 25lb $48.75

Bio Turf 8 3 5 DTE - 50lb $92.00

Bio Turf 8 3 5 DTE - 6lb $15.75

Blood Meal All Sizes - 0.5lb DTE $4.00

Blood Meal All Sizes - 20lb DTE $62.00

Blood Meal All Sizes - 40lb Conc $86.50

Blood Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $18.25

Blood Meal Bulk $2.25

Bloom Liquid 1qt DTE $21.75

Bloom Liquid 2 6 4 DTE 1 gal $66.75

Bloom Liquid 2 6 4 DTE 2.5 gal $130.00

Bokashi 1c bag $3.75

Bokashi 3# bag $32.00

Bokashi 5gal bucket Southern Oregon $102.50

Bokashi half cup bag $2.50

Bone Meal All Sizes - 50lb Conc $52.50

Bone Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $12.50

Bone Meal All Sizes - 6lb DTE $12.50

Bone Meal Bulk $1.45

Bone Meal Liquid 1gal DTE $51.00

Bone Meal Liquid 1qt DTE $10.00

Bone Meal Liquid 2.5 gal DTE $81.00

Boron Bulk $2.25

Cactus Mix 4 Corners 1 cf $9.00

Calcium Liquid 1qt DTE $21.50

Camelina Meal 50lb $37.50

Canola Meal 50lb $32.00

Canola Meal Bulk $0.75

Citrus Mix DTE - 1lb $3.75

Citrus Mix DTE - 5lb $11.00

Coco Blocks $8.00

Compost Fish Oly Mountain 1cf $16.75

Compost Mushroom 1cu ft $12.75

Compost Teufel 3cf $15.25

Corn Gluten Meal 50lb $66.00

Corn Gluten Meal Bulk $1.35

Cottonseed Meal All Sizes - 50lb Concentrates $47.00

Cottonseed Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $11.25

Cottonseed Meal All Sizes - 6lb DTE $12.00

Cottonseed Meal Bulk $1.00

Crab Meal 5lb DTE $14.50

Crustacean Meal 40 lb $52.00

Crustacean Meal Bulk $1.50

Diatomaceous Earth 50lb $44.50

Dr Iron 7lb $18.25

Epsom salt 4lb $14.00

Feather Meal All Sizes - 40lb $49.00

Feather Meal All Sizes - 50lb Gran $63.75

Feather Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $13.50

Feather Meal Bulk $1.50

Ferrous Sulfate Iron 50lb $36.00

Ferrous Sulfate Iron Bulk $1.00

Fish and Kelp Liquid 1qt 2 4 1 $13.00

Fish Bone Meal All Sizes - 1lb DTE $4.00

Fish Bone Meal All Sizes - 50lb Conc $61.75

Fish Bone Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $10.50

Fish Bone Meal Bulk $1.45

Fish Fertilizer Alaska 1gal 5 1 1 $38.00

Fish Fertilizer Alaska 32oz 5 1 1 $13.00

Fish Meal All Sizes - 50lb Conc $102.00

Fish Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $21.75

Fish meal Bulk $2.75

Fish On 1gal $36.50

Fish On 1qt $17.00

Fish Powder Hydrolized 50lb $241.00

Flea Destroyer Nematodes $32.00

Fruit Tree Fertilizer DTE 6 2 4 - 25lb bag $38.75

Fruit Tree Fertilizer DTE 6 2 4 - 50lb bag $66.50

Fruit Tree Fertilizer DTE 6 2 4 - 5lb box $11.25

Fruit Tree Fertilizer DTE Bulk $2.00

Fulvic Acid products - 1pt Ful-power $23.75

Fulvic Acid products - 5lb Ful Humix powder $82.50

Fungus Gnat Control nematodes $31.50

Glacial Rock Dust 50lb $32.00

Glacial Rock Dust Bulk $0.65

Greensand All Sizes - 44lb Conc $47.00

Greensand All Sizes - 5lb DTE $11.25

Greensand Bulk $1.15

Gypsum 25lb Granular Pearls $11.75

Gypsum 50lb Gran $19.25

Gypsum 50lb Powdered $20.00

Gypsum Bulk $0.50

Humax liquid OG - 1gal $31.75

Humic Acid all sizes - 1lb DTE $3.25

Humic Acid all sizes - 5lb DTE $8.75

Humic Acid all sizes - Ful-Humix 5lb concentrate $82.50

Insect Frass 3 1 3 40lb $73.50

Insect Frass 3 1 3 Bulk $2.00

Just coir 2 cuft Black Gold $22.00

Karanja Cake Bulk $2.20

Karanja Cake meal 44lb $97.50

Karanja Neem Kraze 5lb $21.00

Kelp Help 1gal $32.50

Kelp Help 1qt $15.25

Kelp Liquid Eco-Nut - 1gal $41.00

Kelp Meal All Sizes - 0.5lb DTE $4.00

Kelp Meal All Sizes - 20lb DTE $71.50

Kelp Meal All Sizes - 50lb Conc $125.00

Kelp Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $18.50

Kelp Meal Bulk $2.65

Ladybugs 500ct $10.00

Ladybugs and Green Lacewings, 1500 $16.00

Langbeinite Bulk $1.50

Langbeinite KMag 0 0 22 DTE - 50lb $74.00

Langbeinite KMag 0 0 22 DTE - 5lb $11.50

Lime all forms - Calpril 50lb $21.00

Lime all forms - Dolomite 50lb $22.00

Lime all forms - Dolomite Pwd 50lb $18.25

Lime all forms - Garden Pearls 25lb $10.50

Lime all forms - Garden Pearls 50lb $20.00

Lime all forms - Gridline Marking Lime $8.00

Lime all forms - Hydrated 35lb $15.50

Lime all forms - Hydrated 50lb $23.50

Lime all forms - Microna Ag powdered 50lb $11.00

Lime all forms - Microna Feed qual 50lb $11.25

Lime all forms - Microna Pro prilled 50lb $20.00

Lime all forms - Microna Soluble 50lb $14.50

Lime Dolomite Bulk $0.50

Lime Garden Pearls Bulk $0.50

Lime Microna Calcium Carbonate Powder Bulk $0.30

Lime Microna Soluble Bulk $0.75

Linseed Meal Flax 50lb $65.00

Linseed Meal Flax Bulk $1.50

Live Earth Humates 50lb soil conditioner $36.75

Live Earth Humates Bulk $0.75

Live Worms $15.00

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) 50lb $40.00

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) Bulk $1.00

Manganese Sulfate 50lb $100.00

Manganese Sulfate Bulk $2.00

Manure Chicken 1cf Stutzman $7.50

Manure Cow 1cf Scarecrow's Pride $5.00

Meal Worm Castings Entimago NA $10.00

Micronutrient Liquid 2 0 1 DTE 1qt $19.25

Molasses 1 gal $21.75

Molasses 3.5 gal $26.00

Molasses 50 gal drum $253.00

Myco Apply 20lb bag $408.00

Myco Apply all purpose 1lb $43.75

Neem Seed Meal All Sizes - 20lb DTE $53.00

Neem Seed Meal All Sizes - 40lb DTE $82.50

Neem Seed Meal All Sizes - 44lb Concentrates cake $60.00

Neem Seed Meal All Sizes - 5lb DTE $15.25

Neem Seed Meal Bulk $2.30

Nutri Rich 4 3 2 GRAN 40lb $18.00

Nutri Rich 4 3 2 Pel 50lb $18.50

Nutri Rich 4-3-2 Pel 20# $13.00

Nutri Rich 8 2 4 GRAN 40lb $51.00

Oceanic Hydrolysate w Shrimp and Crab - 1 gal $24.00

Oceanic Hydrolysate w Shrimp and Crab - 2.5 gal $48.00

Oyster Shell DTE 1lbs $3.25

Oyster Shell Flour 50lb $20.00

Oyster Shell Flour Bulk $0.50

Peat Moss 3.8cf bale $31.00

Perlite 1.5cf $13.75

Perlite 4 cu ft $25.50

Perlite Bulk $2.00

Plant Success Mycorrhizae - 1lb granular $25.75

Plant Success Mycorrhizae - 1oz granular $3.75

Plant Success Mycorrhizae - 4oz granular $9.00

Plant Success Mycorrhizae - 4oz soluble $25.75

Pumice 1cf $9.00

Pumice Bulk $1.50

Recology Rocket Compost 1cu ft bag $5.75

Rice Hulls 50lb $26.00

Rock Phosphate CalPhos All Sizes - 50lb Conc $35.00

Rock Phosphate CalPhos All Sizes - 50lb Gran Conc $33.50

Rock Phosphate CalPhos All Sizes - 5lb DTE $9.75

Rock Phosphate CalPhos Bulk $0.75

Rock Phosphate CalPhos Gran Bulk $0.75

Rocket Compost 2yd tote $300.00

Rose Flower Mix Bulk $2.00

Rose Flower Mix DTE - 1lb $4.00

Rose Flower Mix DTE - 25lb $38.75

Rose Flower Mix DTE - 50lb $68.00

Rose Flower Mix DTE - 5lb $12.75

Rose Flower Mix DTE - 6lb $12.75

Rose Society Fertilizer 5 4 4  - 20lb $36.00

Sea Crop 1gal $51.00

Sea Crop 32oz $32.00

Seabird Guano 0 11 0 DTE - 20lb $53.00

Seabird Guano 55# $83.25

Seabird Guano 5lb DTE $15.00

Seedling Mix 4 Corners 1.5cf $10.00

Seedling Mix Black Gold 0.5cf $8.25

Seedling Mix Black Gold 1.5cf $16.75

Shrimp Meal DTE - 2lb $8.25

Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda 50lb $30.00

Sodium Bicarbonate Bulk $0.75

Sodium Borate Boron Borax - 50lb $100.00

Sodium Borate Boron Borax - 55lb borax decahydrate $68.00

Soil 2yd tote Everything Soil $300.00

Soil Black Gold African Violet 8 qt $6.00

Soil Black Gold Cactus Mix $6.50

Soil Black Gold Natural & OG - 1 cu ft $13.25

Soil Black Gold Natural & OG - 1.5 cu ft $17.00

Soil Black Gold Natural & OG - 16qt $8.25

Soil Black Gold Natural & OG - 2 cu ft $21.00

Soil Black Gold Natural & OG - 8qt $6.00

Soil Black Gold Orchid Mix 8qt $6.00

Soil Booster Cascade Minerals 44lb $35.00

Soil Booster Cascade Minerals Bulk $0.90

Soil coco based 1.5cf $11.50

Soil MJR 1cf $8.00

Soil MJR Tote 2yd $370.00

Soil Super 1.5cf $14.50

Soybean Meal Bulk OG $1.65

Starter Mix 3 3 3 DTE - 1lb $4.00

Starter Mix 3 3 3 DTE - 5lb $12.00

Sulfate of Potash 50lb $70.00

Sulfate of Potash Bulk $1.40

Sulfate Potash Magnesia Bulk $1.10

Sulfate Potash Magnesia KMag Trio 50lbs $58.00

Sulfur Granules 50lb $42.00

Sulfur Granules Bulk $0.80

Tree Shrub Mix Bulk $2.25

Tree Shrub Mix DTE - 25lb $47.50

Tree Shrub Mix DTE - 5lb $13.00

Vegan Mix 3 2 2 DTE - 50lb $72.00

Vegan Mix 3 2 2 DTE - 5lb $10.50

Vegan Mix 3 2 2 DTE - 6lb $11.00

Vegetable Garden 4 4 4 DTE - 1lb $4.00

Vegetable Garden 4 4 4 DTE - 25lb $38.75

Vegetable Garden 4 4 4 DTE - 50lb $65.75

Vegetable Garden 4 4 4 DTE - 5lb $12.00

Vermiculite 12qt $9.50

Vermiculite 4 cu ft $46.00

Vermiculite Bulk $2.00

Wetting Agent Natural Wet 1gal $59.00

Worm Castings 1cf 4 Corners $13.00

Worm Tea 128 oz $40.00

Worm Tea 16oz $8.00

Worm Tea 32oz $15.00

Zeolite 50lbs OMRI Listed $30.50

Zinc Sulfate Bulk $2.00

Zinc Sulfate OG Gran 50lbs $95.00

Zinc Sulfate OG Powd 50lb $95.00





Soil Amendments and Prices