Raising and growing your own food is not only affordable, it's healthier too! Let us help you

get started.

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Special Hours til further notice:

Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm Sunday: 12-5pm

By growing your own food, you know exactly what your'e feeding your family, and your'e also doing your part to create a more sustainable and resilient community food environment for the future.

All of the plants we sell are specially selected for Western Washington, grown and maintained organically. We offer a wide range of fruit trees, nut trees, berries, herbs, grapes, vegetables, and pollinator attracting flowers. Our plants are neonicotinoid free, and safe for bees! Stop in and see what we have available today!

Enjoy nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits from your own garden

All our plants are Bee-Friendly, neonic free, and maintained using OMRI certified organic gardening products and methods only, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

WE offer the following products:

  • Greenhouse, cold-frame, and raised bed building supplies

  • Fruit Trees: Apple, Pear, Asian Pear, Quince, Cherry, Plum, Apricot, Peach, and more

  • Nut Trees: Filberts/Hazelnuts, Almond, Walnut, Beech more

  • Unusual edibles, indoor edibles

  • Berries, Grapes, Hops, Herbs

  • Veggies for year-round production

  • Permaculture Supplies!

  • Wide assortment of Quality TOOLS of all sorts!

  • Gloves, Boots, Hats

  • Grafting supplies

  • Beneficial Insects

  • Mason Bee and Honey Bee Supplies (Bee-Keeping)

  • Pollinator attracting perennial plants

  • Bulbs, tubers, potatoes, garlic, and lots lots more!



Choose the best soil & composts and get healthy plants

Because our gardening experts understand the importance of healthy soil and what it takes to keep it that way, we offer the only bulk soil amendment department in the county with over 30 organic ammendments to choose from! Limes, minerals, seed meals, kelp, we have it all! We also have cover crops, mulching materials, nitrogen fixing-plants, composting supplies, bagged manure and more!

Plants and gardening supplies we offer include

  • Adaptive Seeds

  • Territorial Seeds

  • Resilient Seeds

  • West Coast Seeds- NEW!!!

  • 4 Corners Organics Soils

  • Composts, coco-fiber, peat, perlite

  • Down to Earth Organic Fertilizers

  • Worm Castings, Worm Tea

  • Sea-Crop, liquid organic fertilizers

  • Organic Fertilizers, Organic Soil amendments by the pound

  • Crop cover fabrics and Polyfilm up to 20ft wide by the foot

  • Pest control products, Organic solutions to insects problems

  • Fencing, Netting, Staking

  • Locally grown bamboo poles, posts, and stakes


  • Peat Pots,paper pots, Permeable fabric pots for better root growth, and decorative pots, plus planters

  • Tray packs, propagation materials and more

  • Soil test kits, Compost bins

  • Water barrels/ catchment supplies, irrigation supplies

  • Teufel Compost, Cascade Compost,  Scarecrow's Pride, Coconut Coir fiber bricks

  • Peat-free soils, Living soils, mycorrhizae soil innoculants

  • Grow lights, heat lamps

  • Heaters

  • Organic pest and disease control products


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